We are OPEN in person at all 4 Locations!
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No flashy gimmicks, no magic pills. We offer the most effective workout programs and amazing coaches all to help you reach YOUR goals!
100% Guaranteed Results!
Do You Want To Lose Fat, Build Muscle and Have More Energy?!
She Didn't Think She Could?
Everyone Can DO IT!
We can work with your limitations.
She had excuses too.
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Here is what you can expect
MaxP is specifically designed to provide a functional full-body workout while improving energy levels, metabolic rate, strength, and endurance.

 MaxP is one of the most time-efficient ways of training. We aim to burn up to 750 calories per 45-minute session. Sessions start at 5:00am and run through 8:00pm
No Guesswork
Our custom “NO THINK” nutrition guidance is designed and tailored specifically for everyone to succeed long term.

We will start where you are at and together work on changing your habits one meal at a time.
The Support You Need
The team mentality at MaxP helps members transform their lifestyle physically and mentally while encouraging community growth with a no-intimidation environment.

We will educate, support and guide you every step of the way, to make sure you follow through and enjoy the process!
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Train at 4 Locally Owned Locations!
MaxP Rockford
106 South Madison Street
Rockford IL, 61104
Max P South Beloit
539 Blackhawk Road
S. Beloit IL, 61080
MaxP Belvidere
274 Meadow Street
Belvidere IL, 61008
MaxP Machesney 
8702 N. 2nd St. 
-Behind Burlington on the back of the town center-
Machesney Park IL, 61115
Maximum Performance Training
Text: 815-290-0910