Keeping Rockford, S. Beloit, Machesney Park and Belvidere Communities Fit, Healthy, and Feeling Good!
7 Day Fat Loss Jump Start Program
Summer is almost here, the 7 Day Jump Start Program is the best way to get back into it!
Start seeing results and reach your full potential with unlimited access to team of coaches.
Say Goodbye to Those Love Handles (Break Up Your Tired Routine)
Unlimited Nutritional Guidance
We will set up custom and monitor your food intake through MyFitnessPal.
No crazy diets here, just eating real food and working into your new habit.
You will meet with a coach anytime you need to make this a habit.
Body Composition and Fat Analysis 
At the beginning of the 7 days, we will measure you Body Fat % and fat mass.
That way we can create a Success Road Map and compare.
It's not about the scale, but it is about losing fat and gaining muscle!
Private Online Accountability Group
You will have access to your coaches 24/7 to answer all of your questions.
Accountability from the MaxP Team and others that started with you.
The more you are connected, the better results you will accomplish. 
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Say Goodbye to Those Love Handles (Break Up Your Tired Routine)

Instead of staring at the television after work, what if you had more energy to go out and experience your city? Or pick up that hobby you’ve been thinking about?

Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing someone 10, 15, or 20 pounds lighter staring back at you?

Imagine finally having the body you always wanted.

And what if...instead of falling asleep on the couch together, you were doing… other things?

Get your mind out of the gutter.

One of those “other” things you could do is get in shape together. It doesn’t have to be hard. 

We offer a 7 Day Program that makes it easy for you to actually make it to the gym during the week, or on weekends. 

We offer 7 session times per day to choose from throughout any of our 4 locations.
4 Locations
Call 815-491-8131 for info on any one of these locations.
Our Locations
MaxP Rockford
106 South Madison Street
Rockford IL, 61104
MaxP S. Beloit
539 Blackhawk Rd.
S. Beloit IL, 61080
Maximum Performance Belvidere
274 Meadow St. 61008
Maximum Performance Machesney Park
8702 N. 2nd St. 61115
(In the rear of the old JC Pennys)
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